Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Mommy Rest Phenomenon....

There's this thing I call "the mommy rest phenomenon."   It's the radar that toddlers have.  They know.  Somehow, they just know.    Example...

Mom walks in, sees toddler crashed out on the floor.  She sneaks over and lays down quietly. Doesn't make a peep.  She gets quietly wiggles around.  She pulls the velvet blankets around her body.  She snuggles in.   She gets comfy.    She *almost* gets to sleep.    Suddenly, she hears a noise.  No, it can't be!     The sounds of a sleeping toddler waking up.  What?? NOOOOOOOOOOO.  She JUST got to sleep!   Sure enough, toddler walks up, sees her lying so nice and comfy and warm and says "Mama! Dit up!!! Dit up!!!!" and cries until she gets up.  Sighing, and inwardly fuming, she gets up.  What a waste of time that was, for  now she's even more tired than before.

I wish this was just during the day, but somehow, it occurs at night.. You would think the moon would block the radar, but no.  It does not.   If anything, it makes it worse.  

  Umm, is this just at my house????

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