Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A story my 10 year old wrote..

My son's assignment for school was to write a story in which he was a superhero.  Being the extreme Mortal Kombat fan that he is, he drew from that.  This is his story.
I fixed most spelling errors when I typed it, but grammar is his.

 My name is Stryker. I can spit grenades as powerful as a nuke. Explosives do not hurt me. My hand is a gun because I am a cyborg. My best ability is to shoot blue fire and fly. I can also shoot missiles from my stomach. I have a robot form and a human form. I can also trap people in radioactive nets. Stryker can also teleport. In my cyborg form, I can self-destruct. I can shoot lasers from my eyes. My other power is to turn invisible. I have a blade connected to my hand. I can freeze people by looking at their souls. I can also shoot ninja stars from my stomach. My cyborg form looks like a bee colored robot. My human form looks like a swat team member. Stryker is avery powerful. He defeated 100,000 people. He is the champion of fighting. He collects diamonds, rubies, marbles and pearls. If he collects all of the jewels he gets his super form. His best form is my super form. As you can see, Stryker is a very powerful person.

Ahh, gotta love the creative, morbid mind of the 10 year old..