Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bullying.. A rock-Awesome story by my 10 year old.

*have I mentioned my kid is AWESOME? :)

My 10 year old is in a public school where bullying is not tolerated at all.  There is a huge no-bullying campaign that goes on all year.  I think it may even be part of the curriculum.  I don't really know. Anyway, here is a story that my son wrote about bullying.

     If I saw someone being bullied I would tell the bully to stop picking on the person. if they still didn't stop then I would go tell an adult. If the person was sad I would tell him to cheer up because the bully was gone. I have never been bullied. I have seen other people get bullied. My little brother has never been bullied either. Sometimes I see my friends get bullied. When my friends get bullied I stand up to the bully. Then when i get bullied they will stand up to the bully. I am glad my little brother has not been bullied. If someone was bulling my brother I would stand up to the person that was bullying my brother. I see bullying  at a lot of places. To me the worst type of bullying is physical bullying. Bullying with words is till bad. I think everyone should stand up to bullying. I think it is good stand up agains bullies. in my opinion bullies are weak people. Most bullies just want to have friends. it is good to have friends, but people do not have to fight for friends. Many bullies are really weak people. I think that bullies should stop picking on people. I think that bullying should be stopped.