Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Parenting is dangerous work

When I married my husband, my mom told him "I hope you always have good insurance. You're going to need it."  12.5 years later and I have proven her, right......   Good grief.  No, it isn't me constantly being sick. It's me being injured or something crazy like that.     Surgeries. Illnesses. Broken bones.  Childbirth.  Medications.   Chiropractor.  Yep, we've needed every bit of that wonderful insurance.   By the way, that's just for me.  That isn't including him or the kids.      And presently, we're using it once more.  Just for me.   Why?  I'll tell you....

  Parenting is dangerous work! Far more dangerous than anyone realizes.. 4 years ago I fractured my right elbow when I fell while skipping in a parking lot with my oldest.    This past Saturday night I managed to tear a muscle in my left calf while playing mini golf with my boys.   How's that for awesome?   Here's how it went..

We got our clubs. We got our balls.  The boys and I headed to the course, excited to do something fun.  The fun ended by the 2nd hole when Sammy decided to throw the balls into the water. Thankfully they float and there was a net to easily fetch them. Cias was put in charge of that.   We move on to the 3rd hole.  Sammy gets distracted by something and forgets about the water.  YAY! Maybe we can move on!
Oh, but it doesn't lost long.  That 2 year old curiosity caught up to him.  What's that?  A bush???  YES! A 2 year olds dream come true!  One by one he steals each ball and throws them in the bush.    A bush that mama can't get into.  Or see into.  The balls are gone.  Gone.   Totally gone.  We decide, sadly, to give up and go home.   But before we do, we have to endure something horrible.  Pain.  Horrid, terrible pain.    I started to stand up and it felt like some one pummeled me with a golf club.   The pain in my calf was so bad that I almost screamed out a very bad word, in front of a bunch of other kids(toddlers, who were playing nicely with their parents.  Obviously they didn't come from my womb).  I manage to stand, grab Samuel's hand and the three of us start walking back to the building.  I tell the boys we'll get ice cream instead.    I hobble inside, grab the nearest chair I can find and  collapse.    Cias orders ice cream and we all sit happily and eat it. Well, Sammy sat happily and ate it.  I tried not to cry from pain. Cias tried not to cry because his mommy was hurt.
   So anyway, we make it to the truck and I call Mike to inform him of what happened and tell him I need him to get Sammy out of the truck.   When we get home, Cias, being the sweet angel that he is, has cleared a way  for me through the house.   I get settled on the couch, we order a pizza and we chill the rest of the night..
Doctors appt. today confirmed that yes, it is a tear in the calf muscle, and yes it will heal soon.   Rest(HA! that's funny), anti-inflamatories and muscle relaxers were prescribed.   Ugh.    This has to heal soon.   My house can't handle mommy being out of commission....

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