Monday, October 24, 2011

Wow, what a weekend!

Friday my mom and I took the boys to the pumpkin patch. What an adventure that was.   We watched pig races, mined for marbles, went down a big slide, played in lots of dirt, played in a fort, went on a train ride, ate some yummy pie, and picked out some great pumpkins.    We also saw some animals at the petting zoo, but Samuel wasn't too impressed with those. The goats scared him.   I think his favorite part of the trip was the train ride. He seemed to really enjoy that.  Cias' favorite part was picking out the pumpkin. :)    We came home about 6, covered in dirt, exhausted and happy.

Saturday was my birthday. 34.  Wow.   That's just crazy.  I don't feel like I should be 34.    But I am.... le sigh......  Anyway, my husband, in an odd turn of events, threw a party for me!  First time in 12 years of marriage. YAY HIM!!!!!!  It was great. He picked the perfect chocolate cake.  Ordered pizza. Bought a veggie tray. It was wonderful.   It was a family only party,  and that was fun too.   My wonderful 11 year old nephew used his own money to buy balloons, filled them up and drew faces on them.  The kids are still having fun playing with them.   My 9 year old niece bought me a Wonder Woman  Polly Pocket. I didn't even know they made such a thing!  It's so cute!!!      My mother and father in law gave me a Keurig. YAY!  So fun to make coffee in it. LOL.    And my dear husband gave me a Kindle.  Coffee and a Kindle! What great gifts!  How blessed I am. :)

Sunday I worked at church and went out to lunch with my mom and the boys. Sadly my mom had to leave. :(    We spent the rest of the day recovering from Fri. and Saturday.

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