Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Don't complain, I'll shut you up... Kindly... :)

Friday we were at the pumpkin patch and I'm standing in a long line to get tickets for the train ride. It was a long line and only one woman working. She was doing her best. Well, apparently the guy behind me didn't think so. He started complaining. A lot. And using language that wasn't appropriate with so many kids around. His very pregnant wife and small child were standing next to him. I kind of shook my head and stood there as he complained horribly.

Well, then Cias walks up and stands next to me. The guy is still complaining.. I ask Cias if he is having fun. He exclaims YES and he's very excited. The guy is still complaining. Even Cias noticed. So I said (rather loudly), "Man, I guess there is something about standing in a long line in the sun that brings out the worst in people." Cias nodded.

The guy never said another word.

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